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How to Play Online Slots

One of the many reasons why online slots are so popular is because they're extremely easy to play. In fact, it only takes four easy steps and you're on your way to successfully spinning the reels.

Step 1: Finding an online casino

Start things off by choosing an online casino. Check out our guide to finding a reliable online casino to help make the search a little bit easier. After you've settled on a place to play and signed up, browse their list of slots for a game that captures your attention.

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Step 2: Select your paylines

Normally traditional slots will use only one payline, so you can skip this step if you're a 3 reel slot player.

If you're playing 5 reels or more, you'll definitely need to select your paylines using the appropriate buttons on the screen.

Tip: Play all available paylines to increase your chances of winning

If you're not sure what a 'payline' or '3 reel slot' is, find a helpful definition in our Slots Glossary.

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Step 3: Make a Wager

Some games (3 reel) will use coins. Often times these coins will have a designated value, but occasionally you will get to decide how much you want each coin to be worth. You can set all of these numbers by using the appropriate buttons on the screen. First decide on your coin amount and then how many coins you want to bet. Remember, if you're playing a progressive jackpot, put down the appropriate amount in order to activate the progressive pay table.

Other games (5 and 7 reel) will use a payline betting system. This might sound weird, but don't worry. It's super easy. The amount you decide to bet in these games will be per active payline. For example, if you're playing a 25-payline game - all paylines activated - with a 25¢ bet, your total bet will be $6.25 per spin (25 paylines x .25 per line = $6.25).

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Step 4: Spin the Reels

With the paylines selected and the wager placed, the fun can begin. All that's left is to hit the 'Spin' button and watch those reels spin. Hopefully, lady luck will be smiling upon you and the game will hit a winning combination! There's little more thrilling than watching your account balance skyrocket thanks to a massive online slots win. You can even use a slots strategy to help optimize your chances of winning.

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For more information on playing online slots, check out all of our Slots Guides. Or, to get right into playing, check out our list of recommended online casinos.