Intercasino Review

Intercasino offers possibly the most unique slots experience online. While its bonuses are not the highest, the experience it provides should appeal to even the most jaded slots player.

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If you are after a massive range of licensed slots, then Intercasino has you covered. With a whole sub-section of slots based on Marvel comics characters and properties, as well as many slots based on popular casual games like Bejeweled and Jenga, you can have a lot of fun playing at Intercasino.

Intercasino features all the usual kinds of slots, including 3-reel and 5-reel slots with multiple paylines. This is fairly standard among online casinos, and doesn't set Intercasino apart from most. What is actually unique about Intercasino is that its Cryptologic casino software offers some of the most unusual and fun slots online.

To begin with, Intercasino has many licensed slots, from Marvel comics characters to popular videogames such as Street Fighter IV. These are mostly standard 5-reel slots with multiple paylines, but they do have impressive opening sequences and bonus games. Where Intercasino really offers a different experience is in its casual game slots. The Bejewelled and Jenga slots are like nothing you've ever seen, using mechanics that are quite a bit different to standard slot machines. These slots give the flavor of the games they are based on, adding fun new twists to the normal slots formula. In Jenga, for instance, you receive bonus bricks on top of your stack for multiple payline wins. You win bonus spins if the extra bricks cause the tower to fall.

While not as well known for its tournaments as some other online slots casinos, Intercasino does still offer a small number of tourneys. These can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in total prize money and will routinely be offered as freeroll tournaments to real money Intercasino players. Unfortunately, the tournaments at Intercasino are often for table games like blackjack or roulette, rather than for slots.

Intercasino is a really fun place to play slots online - it just doesn't offer a lot of bonus money. While slots players can get a 100% bonus on first deposits worth up to $225, this cannot compare to the thousands offered by many other online slots casinos. It does offer special weekend bonuses to its slots players, as well as cashback promotions, but these are not in the same league as the promotions of other casinos.

While Intercasino does not have the big bonuses of other online slots casinos, think of whether this will really matter to you in the long run. Is it worth getting a bigger bonus if you have to play uninspired slots with no fun twist? Intercasino may not offer a large amount of bonus money to play with, but it offers an incredible slots experience with its sets of unique casual game slots and licensed slots.

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