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Most Popular Slots

Since we have just launched the new SlotsOnline site, we have relied on the online casinos to tell us which are the most popular slots.

Over time we will introduce some social networking tools and the SlotsOnline algorithm to display the slot machines games most favored by visitors to the site.

> Mango Mania

Apples, Pears, and Bananas won't win you as much cash as one fruit in ...

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> Fandangos

Travel to the Wild West to bring some law to the untamed land. You're...

Play this slot at Aztec Casino

> Green Meanies

Save the earth from an alien invasion and you will collect a small for...

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> Princess Jewels

The Princess Jewels need to be found. And fast! If you can find them f...

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> Admirals Inn

Play this unique slot game for plenty of fun and the opportunity to br...

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> Daredevil Dave

Take a ride with the craziest daredevil who ever lived. Help Daredevil...

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> The $5 Million Touchdown

Score a touchdown for massive amounts of cash in this great sports-the...

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> Sunken Ships

Arr! Beware the deep blue for she could easily swallow you whole! But ...

Play this slot at Win Palace

> Mister Money

Experience the high life along with Mister Money in this glamorous gam...

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