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Bonus Slots

Bonus slots are slots that offer bonus features such as free spins, multipliers or even cash. They are designed to give you more chances to win, which is why they're so popular among slots fans. These types of games are most commonly featured on 5 reel slots, but you can also find 3 reel slots that offer bonus features. These features can be divided up into two categories: On-the-reel and off-the-reel bonus games. Though these categories might seem pretty self explanatory, here's a quick run down of what they are and how they work.

On-The-Reel Bonus Slot Games

On-the-reel games are bonus features that take place on the reels. They're generally triggered by three or more of a special symbol either in a pay line or anywhere on the board (depending on the game you're playing). There are a few different variations of this type of bonus. These include:

Free Spins
If you happen to trigger this on-the-reels feature, you'll see yourself taking a few free spins in which prizes are often doubled or even tripled.

This is a bonus feature that removes certain symbols and replaces them with another such as a wild symbol. This helps you create more winning combinations.

Hold N' Spin
The name of this feature says it all. If triggered, it will hold some reels while re-spinning others in an effort to increase your chances of getting more winning combinations.

Wild Features
These are special symbols that will replace other symbols (excluding Scatters) on the board to create more winning combinations. Often times, winning combinations featuring these symbols will be doubled or tripled.

Symbol Slide
This feature allows one symbol to slide down to replace all other symbols on a reel. It's similar to the Cascade feature, and will help you create more winning combinations.

These are special symbols that increase your winnings. If you get three or more (two or more in some games) anywhere on the board, they'll multiply your total bet. In some games, they'll also trigger off-the-reel bonus games.

Off-The-Reel Bonus Slot Games

Off-the-reel games are bonuses that, when triggered, will open up an entirely new screen where you'll play a mini game. They're more sophisticated than on-the-reel games as they employ better graphics and videos. Like on-the-reel games, they're often triggered by three or more special symbols as defined in the pay table. Also like on-the-reel games, there are a few different variations of off-the-reel games. These include:

Wheel Of Fortune
Also known as the Wheel of Wealth, this type of bonus originally appeared in the Wheel of Fortune slot game. It's a wheel that's covered with prizes. You spin the wheel and whatever prize the wheel stops on is the one you're awarded.

Pick A Box
These are the most common type of bonus game in slots. They're a mini game in which you're shown a few different icons (treasure chests, boxes, etc). You pick from the icons to reveal your prize.

Multi Level Pick A Box
These are exactly the same as the Pick a Box style games except you advance to a new level in which you get to pick another 'box' until reaching the end.

Pick Until Pop
These are another common type of bonus game. They're also known as Pick until Collect games. They're similar to Pick a Box games, except that they have 'pooper' or 'booby' icon. You're allowed to keep picking prizes until hitting one of the 'poopers', which will end the game.

How do you play slots bonus games?

Besides being a lot of fun, these games are easy to play. As mentioned, they're triggered when you spin a certain number of special symbols across a pay line or anywhere on the board.

If you trigger on-the-reel games, they'll generally play out automatically. Sometimes, in the case of free spins, you'll have to start them by hitting the Spin button.

If you trigger off-the-reel games, your slot game will pause and a new window will pop up in which you will get to play the mini game. Just follow the simple instructions on the screen to collect your prizes.

That's all there is to playing bonus slot games. They're pretty simple, but they usually pay off in a big way. Check out one of our reviewed slots casinos to take a few spins on the most popular bonus slots. If you're lucky enough to trigger a bonus, you might just see yourself cashing in a pretty hefty amount!