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5 Reel Slots

5 reel slots are defined by a board that has five columns (reels) and three rows. Upon their invention in the 1990s, these games quickly became more popular than their 3 reel counterparts because they offer the player more options than 3 reel games. This includes a huge variety of themes that range from popular TV shows and games to unique characters and glamorous lifestyles. They can have up to 100 pay lines, and offer bonus games, special symbols and scatters. They also have a flashy appearance that features vibrant colors, blinking lights and singing sound effects. All of which is meant to draw the player in and offer them more chances to win!

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How do you play 5 reel slots?

Just because they offer more pay lines and a bigger board doesn't mean that they are harder to play. Their simplicity is yet another reason why they became so popular. Unlike 3 reel slots, they have a single pay table and wagering system that is quite a bit different. Rather than using coins, 5 reel games use an amount that you decide per line to create a total bet. For example, if you're playing a 25-line game and you bet $1.00 per line, your total bet per spin will be $25.00.

The process to play these games is exactly the same as 3 reel slots. It can be summed up in just three steps:

Step 1

Make your wager using the appropriate buttons on the screen.

Step 2

Select your lines using the appropriate buttons on the screen. You can also Bet Max, which will select all of the available lines and spin the reels. Sometimes Betting Max will also bet the maximum amount per line, so keep an eye on that.

Step 3

Spin the reels and wait for your winnings to come rolling in.

Many 5 reel machines will offer bonus games or special icons. If you happen to trigger one of these games, just follow the instructions on the screen to play. You could be rewarded with free spins, multipliers or even cash!

Check out selection of all the best 5 reel games available online. Once you get started it won't be long before you discover why slots are the most popular games available in online casinos.