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Free slots may sound too good to be true, and they are if you think they're going to give you money for free. If you are looking for a place to play slots for free, though, most online casinos offer free to play versions of their slots games - Click here for our selection of Online Casinos.

Most will offer close to their entire range of slots in free to play versions, allowing players to experiment and practice with slots before they begin playing to win money as real money players.

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Alternatively you can browse through our online slots or use our slots search to find something specific that you'd like to play.

The Advantages of Free Slot Downloads

Playing free slots before you begin to play for real money can be a great way of finding which online slots you like. Too many people rush into playing for money alone and end up moving from casino to casino because they did not spend the time playing free slots first. Casinos allow players to choose between real money and free play modes. Even if you have started playing for real money, you can try out new slots in free play first in order to get a feel for them and then start paying to play after you have had some practice.

Slots Freerolls

Okay, while it sounds too good to be true that you can win money on slots without paying to play, online casinos do often offer slots freerolls. These are slots tournaments with no initial entry fee. You will have to perform well in the tournament in order to win any money, but some players have managed to win very large amounts by starting in slots freerolls.

Even if you only win a small amount of money from the freeroll itself, you may end up winning tens of thousands of dollars by playing with your initial slots freeroll winnings. There are many reported instances of this in the past, where players have joined and won a slots freeroll, followed by wagering those winnings to take away even more money in other slots games.

Free Progressive Jackpot Slots

One kind of online slots game you usually cannot play for free are the progressive jackpot games. Most online casinos restrict free play on these games, and freeroll tournaments are generally not held on them. A few casinos have been known to offer free versions of their progressive jackpot games, but these are entirely separated from the paid versions, with the free versions not at all linked to the jackpot. Most of the fun of progressive jackpot games is in having a chance at winning a much bigger prize than usual, anyway, so free versions are not really necessary.

Even if you decide to start playing for real money immediately, remember that online casinos leave their free play options open. You can practice there to your heart's content and then start to wager money once you've decided on the best slots strategy for your style of play.

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