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Online Slot Reviews

Slots Online's staff editor and staff writers are all experienced online slot players. They review the slots based on their current version and take into account a magnitude of aspects including: appearance, ease of use, bonus games and symbols just to name a few.

The writers will also complete a column to the right of the slot in the sidebar which covers the more factual aspects of the slot including: number of reels, whether it is a progressive jackpot or not and the minimum and maximum bets.

Of course this is just some of the information available so pick any slot that takes your fancy, find the best slot for you and start playing today!

Top Slots

Triple Gold

The only thing better than gold is triple gold. Well, what about quadruple gold?...

Wooden Boy

Pippin wants to be a real boy and he needs your help. Help him find the blue fa...

El Dorado

Time to mosey on down to the gamblin' house and earn yourself some mighty fine w...

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Progressive Slots

Freaky Wild West

Do you have what it takes to survive in the untamed lawless lands of the Wild We...

Incan Goddess

Travel back in time to live at the tops of South American mountains with the anc...

Honey To The Bee

Bizzie the Bee is busy trying to meet his pollen quota. He needs your help in o...

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Bonus Slots

Sneak A Peek-Hunky Heroes

The boys are ready to play, so what are you waiting for? Hit the reels on this r...

Glory of Rome

The new Emperor has decreed 100 days of games to honor the recently deceased for...

Super Star

Travel through space to discover new planets and stars in this exciting adventur...

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