In the early days of three reel spinners slot there was no such thing as scatter and wild symbols with players needing to match up symbols to have any chance of winning. The advent of these popular online slots features have not only made the games more exciting but more profitable as well!

Players who want to have success playing online slots simply must take advantage of these symbols! Today, we have a few hints that will help you profit from wild and scatter slots symbols.

Look For Slots With Two Scatter or Wild Symbols

Regulation online slots will generally feature a single scatter and a single wild symbol. However, there are games out there that feature two of either of these symbols. Games with two scatter or wild symbols increase your chances of hitting a winning combination and possibly add multipliers to your wins! Games that feature two wild or scatter symbols include Fruit Frenzy and Goblin’s Treasure.

Play Every Possible Pay line

In online slot games featuring wild and scatter symbols it is vital that you play every possible pay line, even if that means lowering the amount you bet per spin. To give yourself the best chance of hitting winning combinations you must have every line in play so that a scatter or wild symbol is more likely to appear on your reel. There is nothing more frustrating than finding a special symbol on a line that you aren’t playing!

Find Online Slots With Bonus Features Unlocked by BOTH Scatter and Wild Symbols

Every serious online slots player knows that bonus features are the most exciting aspect about any game. Therefore, it makes senses to look for real money online slots that feature not one but two free game features! Games like Dream Run and Derby Dollars have two different bonus features – one triggered by scatter symbols and one by wild symbols!

Scatter and Wild symbols is just one of the reasons why online slots are superior to their land-based counterparts. Make sure you are taking advantages of these features to the maximum next time you play an online slot!