Valentine’s Day is just over twenty-four hours away with men all over the world scrambling to put together some last minute plans. If you and your partner are both online slots enthusiasts why not settle in at home and play some of your favorite games at Slots Jungle! Today, we will share with you some of the best romance themed online slots available at the leading online casino.

Diamond Dozen

If you can’t afford to buy your valentine a diamond ring why not do the next best thing and have a romantic night playing the Diamond Dozen online slot. Finding the Diamonds in this game can be extremely profitable with both acting as the scatter and wild symbol for the game! On top of this the Diamond Delight Feature could award you a bonus prize that would allow you to buy that diamond after all!

Paris Beauty

Paris is the home of romance so if you can’t make it there this Valentine’s Day why not get a taste of it by playing Paris Beauty! The popular online slot really makes you feel as though you are in the famous city and visiting the Arc de Triumph and the Eiffel Tower. With the possibility of winning a random progressive jackpot there simply isn’t a better game to play with your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Paradise Dreams

It may be winter in the Northern Hemisphere but that doesn’t mean that you can’t dream about escaping to a tropical paradise this Valentine’s Day by playing Paradise Dreams. Paradise Dreams can be an extremely profitable online slot with the Paradise Pick Bonus Feature giving you the chance to wins multipliers of 100 times, 250 times or even 1000 times! With a multiplier bonus this large that trip to a tropical paradise might not be a dream after all!

You can play all these games this Valentine’s Day at Slots Jungle!