One of the major advantages that online slots have on their brick and mortar counterparts is that they offer special features that are only possible using an online casino platform. These bonus features not only make playing slots more enjoyable they can also be extremely profitable. Today, we will look at the best features that you can only find at online casinos.

You can find all the amazing features listed below at Silver Oak!

Feature Guarantee

The Feature Guarantee is an amazing addition to a number of online slots at Silver Oak. The innovative feature not only rewards you with additional prizes it also lets you know exactly how many more spins but be made before a free game feature is triggered. This means that if you are playing for long enough you are guaranteed to receive free spins – which can be the difference between a winning and a losing online gambling session.

Win-Win Feature

The Win-Win feature is a very special bonus at Silver Oak that virtually guarantees that a player will win if they unlock free games. The Win-Win feature is activated at the conclusion of a free game feature when the player has won less than ten times their triggering bet. The feature awards the player an additional cash prize to make up for the fact that their free games weren’t that successful. This is an incredible feature that makes losing virtually impossible.

Progressive Jackpots

Every online slot at Silver Oak now features a progressive jackpot of some variety. These progressive jackpots can be activated at any time meaning that with every spin you have the opportunity to randomly win a major prize. The best part about these jackpots is that they are constantly getting bigger and can reach incredible heights before they are activated.