Online Slots continue to rise and rise in popularity with 2012 a truly stellar year for the industry.

One of the biggest changes in the last year was a drift towards gamblers playing online slots on their mobile and smart phones.

One lucky online slots player received the shock of his life when he picked up an incredible jackpot of $550,553 while playing a game on his iPhone.

The twenty-eight-year-old was playing the game simply to kill some time but has entered the new year with a life changing amount of money.

He plans on treating his family to a holiday and a range of other surprises.

“All my Christmas’s have come at once, I will be treating the family to some presents that would not fit under the average Christmas tree,” the lucky winner said.

As more and more players head towards playing online slots on their mobile phones game developers are making additional products that are targeted solely at those who are gambling on their mobile phones.

Innovative game developer Zynga is preparing to launch a new range of free mobile slots that allow players to gamble together.

“We created a completely synchronous multiplayer slot machine,” Elite Slots’ co-design director Josh Gause said.

“When you’re playing, you’re actually playing with tons of other users.”

The new games will feature mini games that act as the bonus feature for the innovative online slot.

“Mini games are essential to any slot machine,” Gause said.

“You go to Vegas, you go anywhere, and everyone loves mini games.

“It’s a really delightful experience that takes you away from the slots for a second and kind of engages you in a different way.”

The fact that companies like Zynga are working on the development of online slots is fantastic news for the industry.

In the next year we can expect to see even more advances in online slots as developers and online casinos attempt to lift their game to compete with each other.