Pennsylvania casinos have seen a major increase in gross revenue from slot machines in 2012.

The state added just one new casino in 2012 but was still able to bring in $2.47 billion dollars of gross revenue from slot machines – an increase of almost three percent from 2011.

Doug Harbach, spokesperson for the Gaming Control board said that the expansion of gambling and slot machines in Pennsylvania was paying dividends and that the state was considering further expansion in 2013.

“Growth in Pennsylvania has a lot to do with the fact that we’re still expanding the casino market,” Harbach said.

“We have 11 open and we opened the 11th this past year, which contributed to some of this revenue rise.”

The rise of slot machines has been a major part of the meteoric rise of gambling revenue in Pennsylvania.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette slot machine play and total casino gambling in Pennsylvania brought in more money than other state except Nevada.

This is not just good news for Casino executives but all tax-payers throughout the state.

“Slots revenue is taxed at about 55 percent, and proceeds go mainly toward property tax relief,” Mark Belko said.

“For the average homeowner, that means a savings of nearly $200.

“Local governments that host casinos also get revenue, reducing the burden on the average taxpayer, and in Pittsburgh the Rivers Casino provided a big chunk of the funding stream that built the Consol Energy Center, which replaced the Civic Arena.

“If Pennsylvania’s competitive advantage continues to increase, that can only mean better news ahead for the citizens who benefit from the revenue and the jobs and ancillary business created by the casinos.”

This is yet another example of the positive impact adding slot machines to a state or province can have.

Sources: CBS Philly and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette