There is little more than a week left in 2012 so it’s time to announce our ten best new online slots of the year. It has been a stellar year for the online slots industry with an incredible range of games being released and more land-based slot machines being converted to the online format. Today, we will lost the online slots that we ranked 6th to 10th of the year.

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10. White Rhino

White Rhino took players on a search for the rarest creature in the African safari fields. White Rhino was a very basic game with good scatter and wild card options as well as a fun free game feature. What set it above other games released this year was its amazing visual graphics that really capture the feel of a safari trip.

9. Glitz and Glamour

Glitz and Glamour took players on a journey to the golden age of Hollywood and really embraced the theme of living a luxury lifestyle. The online slot had an incredibly generous scatter feature that could see a player’s prize multiplied fifty times!

8. Mice Dice

Mice Dice is a very enjoyable online slot with a unique backstory. In Mice Dice Las Vegas has been overrun by mice that are causing havoc throughout the city. The game has an excellent bonus game feature that gives players the opportunity to roll a dice and win a major jackpot! With its fun story and excellent bonus features Mice Dice is easily one of the games of the year.

7. Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden gives online slots players the chance to relax in a world of fantasy. Enchanted Garden featured a wide range of scatter options and free games but what was most impressive was its graphical interface. Playing the game really was a relaxing experience as you were taken in by the beauty of the interface.

6. Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters is another visually stunning game that takes you to a tropical paradise. The best part about the game was the regular multiplier bonuses with a bonus fish that often rewards players with a prize multiplier of two, four or eight.

We will count down the top five online slots of the year over the next few days!