Leading online slots developer Playtech has released a couple of brand new games in the lead-up to Christmas.

The company has gotten in the spirit of the season by releasing a new game based on the popular Christmas novel A Christmas Carol that features the Ghosts of Christmas Past.

The entire game is based around the novel and features an introductory video clip that explains the concept of the book to players who may not have heard about it.

All the symbols in the game are based on characters in the book with the chained ghost of Marley the scatter symbol in the game.

Finding three scatter symbols activates the free spins feature and leads players to three different potential locations.

Although these locations don’t play an active part in the game or the free spin features that are evidence of the effort Playtech has gone to in an attempt to make the game as true to the original story as possible.

Playtech has also released a new game based on the Ghost Rider movies series.

This game isn’t as visually impressive as Ghosts of Christmas Past but features a fun and interactive free game feature.

The flaming motorbike is the bonus symbol in the game and when it is activated the Ghost Hunt bonus feature is activated.

In the bonus feature players have to assist Ghost Riders hunt down ten ghosts with every ghost caught winning more credit for the player.

As long as seven ghosts are caught the player gets to keep all the credit that was made during the chase.

Ghost Rider is linked to the Marvel Progressive Jackpot meaning that a player can win the jackpot with any spin – no matter how little they are betting.

Both games will be released at a range of online casinos shortly.