The Mega Moolah online slot, produced by leading developer Micro Gaming, has gone off with one lucky player winning a record breaking £5,882,870.

The progressive jackpot had slowly been reaching record-breaking levels but over the weekend quickly became the biggest jackpot in online casino history as more and more players attempted to win the historic prize.

Microgaming was delighted to give away another huge jackpot as their progressive games become more and more popular.

“We are blown away by last night’s £5.8 million win,” a Microgaming Spokesperson said.

“It’s even bigger than the $5.5 million win that was our previous biggest jackpot way back in 2009.

“We’ve seen a massive increase in play on over the past few months while the jackpot was high, which all contributed to it getting even bigger.

“£5.8 million is the biggest progressive jackpot payout we’ve ever seen!”

The lucky winner has, at this point, chosen to remain unanimous but is reportedly still in a state of shock over their incredible win.

The jackpot breaks the record for highest progressive jackpot in online casino history that was won by George Georgious in Greece in 2009 who took home €6,374,599 also playing the Mega Moohlah online slot.

“When I saw 5,556,753 flash on my screen I thought it was a US phone number,” Georgious said.

“It couldn’t be a jackpot, I must be mistaken.

“So I just got up from my table, went outside to clear my head, and then came back in again for another look and noticed $5.5 million sitting in my casino account.”

The Mega Moolah online slot has been reset to its minimum payout of $1 million.

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Both their Mid-Life Crisis and Shopping Spree progressive jackpots are currently over the $1,000,000 mark and are just waiting to be won.