Online Slots Study Reveals Surprising Results

A study conducted at Oregon State University has found that the majority of online slots players do so to have fun rather than win a big prize.

The study found that the majority of online slots players are relaxation gamblers who play the games to relax and are generally the most educated and affluent.

The study also found that games based around ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ is the most popular online slot while Jacks or Better was by far the most popular video poker game.

Source: Rouletters

Irish Mother Wins $408,000 playing Online Slots

Leigh Jay, a mother from Ireland, has won a progressive jackpot worth $408,479 playing online slots.

The thirty-six-year-old was overwhelmed to win such a big prize having only gambled twenty cents.

“I really can’t explain how I was feeling,” Jay said.

“I was shaking and kept saying to my partner did that really happen?

“I kept checking my balance; it was so surreal seeing the amount of money in my account.

“I phoned my family straight after I won and we partied till the early hours.”

She plans on using part of the money to take her family on a trip to Disneyland.

This is yet another example of why playing online slots with progressive jackpots can be extremely profitable.

New International Game Technology Star Trek Online Slot Expected to be Groundbreaking

The new Star Trek Against All Odds online slot game is expected to combine gambling with arcade gaming.

The game is slated to include a skill-based, arcade-style, shoot-em-up bonus that will give players the opportunity to destroy as many missiles and win as much money as possible.

“IGT continues to merge the best of traditional video games and slot games in the online space,” a IGT spokesperson said.

“STAR TREK fans will absolutely love the new Against All Odds title; its frequent payouts, engaging game play and revolutionary skill-based bonus feature gives this game universal appeal. We think this game will prove to be a huge hit.”